You’ve made it here because you found my writing or because you were looking for a food blog. Sorry, but there will be no tips for making the perfect egg here.

(Fear not! The Food Lab can teach you how to sous-vide or soft-boil an egg.)

This newsletter dishes on some of my interests:

  • investing and business

  • prioritization, execution and optimization

  • relationships and networks

Some examples:

About me

I’m a venture capital investor at Upfront Ventures in Los Angeles. I work with extraordinary founders to help them achieve their most aspirational goals. There are many flavors of venture capital these days, and mine tends to be a hands-on, collaborative relationship with founding teams. Outside of my work as a VC, I host intimate dinners to explore life’s biggest questions, invest in education non-profits like 9 Dots, and raise two girls with my partner Emily.

What’s with the egg?

Always add the egg is a life rule I’ve been spreading since 2013. Yes, it is about adding fried eggs to burgers and onsen tamago to ramen. But it’s about more than indulgence. It’s about adding that little bit extra whenever you have the chance.

What might you add to life to elevate the journey? Adding the egg is about extra effort and investing more in the moment. That’s why, when faced with a choice, I’ll hike for fresh tracks, navigate a blizzard to find board games for our shelter or enjoy another nightcap with a friend. (Yes, too many eggs can make you sick the next day.)

Always Add the Egg is an exploration of ideas I feel strongly about. I hope my writing improves my thinking and helps you with yours too.

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